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Additional Resources

Case Studies

  • QFD Case Studies and White Papers (www.mazur.net)
    QFD case studies performed by Glenn Mazur in connection with companies ranging from Blue Cross Blue Shield to Nokia, and from Rubbermaid to Universal Studios.

Explanations & Descriptions

  • Quality Function Deployment (www.wikipedia.org)
    Quality function deployment or ‘QFD’ is a flexible and comprehensive group decision making technique used in product or service development, brand marketing and product management…
  • What is QFD? (www.qfdi.org)
    …QFD links the needs of the customer (end user) with design, development, engineering, manufacturing, and service functions…
  • Customer-focused Development with QFD (www.npd-solutions.com)
    …Quality Function Deployment (QFD) is a structured approach to defining customer needs or requirements and translating them into specific plans to produce products to meet those needs….
  • QFD (www.isixsigma.com)
    Quality Function Deployment (QFD) is a systematic process for motivating a business to focus on its customers….



  • Quality Function Deployment: History (www.wikipedia.org)
    QFD was originally developed by Drs. Yoji Akao and Shigeru Mizuno in the early 1960s.These techniques extend the original HOQ approach by…
  • History of QFD (www.qfdi.org)
    QFD was developed in Japan in the late 1960s by Professors Shigeru Mizuno and Yoji Akao. At the time, statistical quality control…
  • QFD: Past, Present, and Future (www.qfdi.org)
    …When the name “Toyota” is cited in QFD history, most usually assume it is Toyota Motors,. but that is not correct. It was actually Toyota Auto Body where …


  • QFD and DFSS (www.qfdi.org)
    This is where QFD brings power to DFSS. A weakness of many design teams is that they expect that what the customer asks for is only what they want….

QFD vs. House of Quality

  • Truth About the House of Quality (www.qfdi.org)
    …Most interesting is that in many QFD studies, the House of Quality (HOQ) is not the starting point and can even be unnecessary. That “the House of Quality is the QFD” is a myth that is still propagated by many people….

New and Events

  • Six Sigma Zone
    Six Sigma Zone (www.sixsigmazone.com)
    Timely, Topical, Fresh, Credible, Clear and Concisely Worded Information for the Six Sigma and Process Improvement Community
  • Six Sigma IQ (www.sixsigmaiq.com)
    Six Sigma and Process Excellence IQ, a division of IQPC, facilitates access to a wealth of relevant content for Process Excellence, Lean, and Six Sigma practitioners.

Online Courses

  • Design4X (www.design4x.com)
    “…This course will help engineers and managers increase the quality and performance of their product by creating a customer-focused design….”
  • Learn Firm (www.learnfirm.com)
    “…Participants learn to identify the four phases of QFD and apply them to successfully design products and services, plan process control strategies, and create control tactics that support a robust process….”

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